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A special event or meeting is comprised of hundreds of details, all which come together at a moment in time to create a desired effect- in those moments when something goes wrong, focus is shifted from the carefully crafted message to the problem- and the OPPORTUNITY to connect at the desired level is lost. 

At Jenkins Street, we grasp not only what it takes, but what’s AT STAKE in producing a flawless show. We focus on helping you to anticipate and identify potential risks and run an event or meeting that is free from glitches and free from worry. 

Event Support Services 

  • Event Design

  • Full Logistics and Planning

  • Technical Production Coordination

  • Equipment Assessment

  • Staging/Lighting/Sound/Rigging


  • Venue Contract Assessment and Negotiations

  • Full Venue Labor Assessment

  • Floor Plans/CAD Design

  • Entertainment Management

  • Graphics/Signage/Wayfinding Design


Anguilla   Atlanta   Austin   Barbados   Boston   Cape Town   

Carmel   Chicago   Colorado Springs   Dallas   Denver   Detroit   

  Green Bay   Greenville   Houston   The Horn of Africa   Indianapolis

Johannesburg   Kauai   Las Vegas   Los Angeles   Maui   Miami

Minneapolis   Missoula   Montreal   Munich   Nashville   New Orleans

New York   Orlando   Palm Springs   Philadelphia   Phoenix   

Portland   Punta Mita   Québec   Raleigh   San Diego   San Jose

San Francisco   Seattle   Spartanburg   Sydney   Tampa   Washington D.C.







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